Perfume Collection

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a fascination with perfume. I remember creeping into my Mum’s bedroom to have a look at her perfumes (and makeup) and just gazing at the pretty bottles in awe.

With what started as an impressive collection of impulse body sprays during childhood, (any 2000s kids remember?) I’ve since moved on, and my collection gradually developed into slightly more sophisticated (that can be debatable) perfumes through my teens.

This may sound odd to some, but for me, perfume means a lot to me. For one, it makes you smell good and who doesn’t want that? But more importantly, perfume holds memories for me. Smelling a particular perfume can send me back years to a specific moment when I wore it and for that nostalgic quality alone, I love it. Therefore, you can probably see why perfume is generally my Christmas/birthday gift of choice.

Now, let’s stop blabbing and get into the glorious perfumes!

“Outspoken” – Fergie

Ahhh my first ever perfume.  I remember getting this for Christmas when I was about 12 years old. I loved it so much and wore it all the time! It has a berry-like scent that is strong yet not overpowering. While I don’t wear it that often anymore, it still holds many memories of when I finished primary school and made the transition to high school. Wow, that feels so long ago!

“Midnight fantasy” – Britney Spears

Another one of my first perfumes. I think every (or at least most) girl went through a phase where they had at least one or Britney’s many perfumes available. This is a really strong, sweet, yet gorgeous scent. This is my second bottle of this perfume and I even wore it to my year 12 formal.

“Princess” – Vera Wang

This perfume I remember purchasing in the Boxing Day sales at a discount I was quite proud of. As you can tell by the small amount left in the bottle, this perfume is very well loved and I’ve resorted to not wearing it as often as I want to save the final few uses for a rainy day.

“Preppy Princess” – Vera Wang

I loved this range of perfumes so much I just had to get a variant on the ‘princess’ collection. This is a gorgeous, fruity scent – perfect for daytime wear.

“That Moment” – One Direction

Possibly the most embarrassing perfume I own, yet it’s one of my favourites! It is such a fresh, fruity apple smell, and the bottle is gorgeous!

“Marshmallow” – MOR

The reason I own this perfume is an embarrassing story that is way too cringe-worthy to share with the world 😉 Despite that, it smells amazing! Some may say it’s a bit too sickly sweet, but for me, it’s perfect. Definitely not one I’d wear every day, but one I’d save for a nice occasion.

“Heat ” – Beyonce

I think it’s safe to say, anything with Beyoncé’s name on it is a winner in my book. I also wore this scent during my final year of high school, so it holds fond memories for me that I’ll treasure for a long time.

“Gold” – Kim Kardashian

Another mildly embarrassing perfume I own, but hey! Who doesn’t love Kimmy K? This is the most recent perfume that I own. A beautiful bottle that holds a beautiful scent for both day and nighttime wear. Perfectly versatile!

So that’s it! My perfume collection! It’s not the biggest collection in the world, but definitely not the smallest. Hope you enjoyed!

Karen xx

3 thoughts on “Perfume Collection

  1. I’ve really liked every Brittney Spears perfume that I’ve smelled. I always see them at TjMaxx and Marshalls and they’re pretty inexpensive! My favorite fragrance is Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf. 🙂


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