May Favourites

My oh, my! How is it almost June? I cannot believe it, where has the time gone? With May nearly done and dusted I’m here today to share with you my favourite things of this month.
In order to keep it varied, as I’m planning on doing these each month, I’m going to share my favourite things from a range of different categories such as makeup, skincare,
fashion and miscellaneous categories like TV and music. Without further ado, let’s get into the post and show you my favourite things from the month of May….

Batiste Dry Shampoo

For some reason this month, I have noticed that my hair has seemed to become oily a LOT quicker. And this is coming for someone who washes their hair every other day. Know I think of it, that’s probably the reason it’s getting oilier quicker, as I’m most likely stripping the natural oils too often…oops! Anyhow, washing my hair every day is a little ridiculous to me, so dry shampoo has been a lifesaver in making me look less like a walking oil slick.

Essence “Matt Matt Matt” Lipstick – 02 Perfect Match

This is the lipstick I’ve reached towards the most this month. The texture is quite possibly the creamiest I’ve ever tried and it leaves a semi-matte finish that I personally enjoy. The colour, might I add, has a slight 90’s feel to it…no complaints from me!

St Ives Apricot Scrub

This is a product in the beauty world that I feel as though divides people. Some say it’s too harsh a product; however, I have used it for years with no problem, so I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. The weather has gotten cooler lately, and I’ve noticed my skin becoming more dry and rough. This scrub has come in handy as it polishes my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth – but don’t forget to follow up with a moisturiser…that is a must.

Harry Styles Album

Time for my music favourite of the month. Without a doubt, it goes to Harry Styles’ debut album. Quite frankly, I’m obsessed. It has an old school rock vibe that I very much enjoy. My favourite tracks include ‘Carolina’, ‘Kiwi’ and ‘Woman’.

House Rules

I’ve always refrained from watching renovation shows because I knew that my interior design loving self would become addicted. And guess what? The inevitable happened. I found myself watching the repeats of “House Rules” one Sunday afternoon and I haven’t looked back. I guess I now know what show  I’ll be investing my time into for the next few months haha.

There are all my favourites for May! What were your favourites things this month?

– Karen xx

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