Winter Beauty Must Haves

Confession: I LOVE winter.

That may be an unpopular opinion to most, but considering I live in Australia where as soon as spring begins we’re forced to endure days of 30-40°C heat, I get over the warm weather by mid-December and I crave the cold immensely.

And by cold, I mean 15-20°C, which many in the northern hemisphere consider summer anyway, haha!

With a change in the weather comes a change in beauty products. Today I’ll be chatting about my winter beauty must-haves. These bits and bobs are my personal favourites to make me winter ready!

Hope this helps my fellow Aussies now that winter is here, and if it’s not winter where you are, nonetheless, I hope you enjoy. x

A berry lip

What’s winter without a berry lipstick? My favourites at the moment are MAC’s “Plumful” and Australis’Cray for colour lip gloss in “Velvet Kiss”.

And if you’re looking for a deeper berry shade the NYX soft matte lip cream in “Copenhagen” is great, as well as the NYX Turnt Up lipstick in 16 “Feline”.

Body moisturiser

My skin can get dry and itchy during the winter, so a good moisturiser is vital. Considering my skin isn’t too dry, to begin with, I don’t need anything too rich and hydrating, just something to level out the moisture. For that reason, I like the VaselineIntensive Care Cocoa Glow moisturiser as it isn’t too heavy on my skin.

Exfoliating gloves

Similar to moisturiser, exfoliating gloves are a necessity in my winter beauty routine. They polish my skin to remove dead skin cells from the surface and make my body oh so smooth. They are also great to use before shaving or apply fake tan 🙂

Vanilla candle

I love the smell of vanilla all year round, but there is something about the cooler weather that just suits the scent so well. A vanilla candle is a great way to make your room/house smell warm and comforting.

Plum nail polish

A rich plum or burgundy nail shade is perfect for winter and even autumn for that matter. OPI’s “Honk if you love OPI” is my go-to nail polish for winter.

Fake Tan

If you’re as pale as I am and not about embracing the paste in winter, you might choose to fake tan. I love the Dove summer glow gradual self-tan, as it basically a moisturiser that provides some subtle colour. You can build it up to a shade you’re comfortable with, and then it’s easy to maintain by reapplying every few days.

They are all my winter essentials! Hope you enjoyed <3. What are your favourite products for winter?

– Karen xx

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