Shopping my Stash

Browsing through my makeup collection the other day, I noticed how many products I love, have been neglected! I guess I tend to get into a routine and don’t branch out from it. This prompted me to “shop my stash”. This is essentially where you go through all your products and select the ones you haven’t used in a while, with hopes of giving them the use they deserve. Let’s get into the products I picked…

BH COSMETICS “ItsJudyTime” eyeshadow palette

I’m a massive fan of Judy, and have followed her on social media for years. She released this palette back in 2013 in collaboration with BH cosmetics and it was once my go-to palette. It has a mix of neutral shades and some pops of colour with the purple and blue shadows, making it extremely versatile and perfect for a day to night transition. I can’t wait to get back into using it and creating new makeup looks.

ESSENCE long lasting eye pencil – 15 “Bling Bling”

I USED TO WEAR THIS ALL THE TIME AND I FORGOT I HAD IT. I love the look of this gold eyeliner on the lower lash line and I can’t wait to use it again, I think it will complement the previous eye shadow palette wonderfully.

ELF Contouring blush and bronzer “St Lucia”

To be completely honest, I have so many blushers that I haven’t touched in ages, so selecting one was for this was quite the challenge. I decided to select this one as it has a bronzer as well and I’m all for two in one products.

MAYBELLINE colour whispers lipstick 25 “Lust for Blush”

Anyone who knows me knows I am quite the lipstick lover. I found this pink shade in my drawer and decided I would make an effort to use it. I’m not a massive fan of pink lipstick as I’m unsure if it suits me but I thought I would push myself out of my comfort zone and experiment to find a way to make it work.

MAYBELLINE Pumped up! Mascara

This one isn’t so much a product I used to love in the past, more so a product I bought and never used! I’m in need of some more mascara so instead of buying a new one I thought I would use this one instead.

There are all the products I’m going to try to make an effort to use more after “shopping my stash”. I may do an update in a month or so, to see how it’s all doing. Hope you enjoyed, have a lovely day/night.

– Karen xx

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