How I edit my instagram / blog photos

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a lovely day/night. Today I’m going to go through how I edit the flatlays and similar images I post on Instagram and my blog. 
I’d just like to note that I am not a professional photographer and have no real knowledge on photography and editing (apart from the handful of things I learnt at school). I know my images aren’t the best by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m most likely doing a lot of things “wrong”, that will make most professional photographers shudder. But that doesn’t matter, I just thought I’d share some things I do and have learnt when it comes to taking and editing my photos, as I believe my photos have improved from when I first started, although I try not to go too overboard, as I still want my photos to look ‘natural’.

Firstly we have to take the photo! I try to find an area with the best lighting possible (as that will make editing required less), and lay down some marble vinyl roll I got from Kmart. Alternatively, I’ll take the photo at a white wall / white table for a different background. I then place and position the items / props I want in the photo and snap away! I use my iPhone 5S to take my photos. Sure, it’s not the best camera, but it does the job. I try different angles and re position the items a few times and before I know it, I end up with about 100 variants of the exact same photo.

Now I must select the image I’m going to continue with, and delete all the others so I don’t become confused by all the photos. Once I’ve chosen one, I use the editing options that come with my iPhone. I increase the brightness, contrast and saturation slightly. This begins to liven up an otherwise dull image.

I then proceed to the bulk of my editing. I use the app “FaceTune” and utilise their whitening tool to whiten the background. This gives the image a cleaner, crisper look to it. Once I’m happy with the background, I use the ‘details’ feature. I swipe along any writing on products and this makes it clearer, stand out more, and easier to read. That’s it for FaceTune! I told you I don’t do a whole lot!

Then I open the photo in Instagram. Once again, I increase the brightness, contrast and saturation to a level that makes the image most appealing to me (the amount changes from image to image, depending on the photo).

And we’re done! The photo is ready to post! It’s honestly quite simple as I don’t do much complex editing. If I can do it, anyone can!

Do you / how do you edit your photos?

– Karen xx

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13 thoughts on “How I edit my instagram / blog photos

  1. Can I just say that your instagram feed and flatlay are gorgeous!! It all looks so well edited and put together.
    Please check out my blog! |


  2. Your photos are lovely and I like that you don’t edit them much! I think it’s obvious to tell an over edited photo and they don’t look as good. Your instagram feed looks amazing x


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