False Nails on a Budget

It was after getting acrylic nails for 6 months straight that I decided getting my nails done at a salon was not for me.

Between the hour stuck sitting in the nail chair, the awkward small talk amongst the technicians and fellow customers, and don’t even get me started on the $50+ I had to part with every 2-4 weeks – I was well and truly over it.Although I loved the final product, I hated the process. You see, my natural nails are very weak and brittle, so the acrylics gave my nails the length and strength I desired. So once I came to the conclusion that acrylics were no longer an option, I was left looking for alternate ways to have the nails I wanted. Growing them out wasn’t an option, they would break every time they grew past my fingertips. This led me to glue on artificial nails. Sounds tacky [get it ;)], but stay with me, because I’ve managed to find some fairly impressive ones.

Searching through Priceline one day, I came across the Nailene full cover nail kit and decided to try them out.

Costing $14.99, they contain 200 plain false nails comprised of 12 different sizes, a small nail file and some glue.

The nails come blank, meaning that you can paint them yourself. I love that because it means I can utilise my own nail polish and change up the colour whenever I like.
You can also choose to purchase either a classic square shape, or an oval shape. The oval is slightly longer in length compared to the square, so that may be a deciding factor in which ones you try. I’ve tried both and I personally prefer the oval.

As previously mentioned, they will set you back $14.99 RRP, but I’ve gotten them on sale for $10 in the past. I get approximately 10 manicures out of each kit and find myself needing a new kit after 3-4 months. Each manicure lasts around two weeks. Excellent value for money.

This kit is a great alternative to getting my nails done professionally. Perfect for special occasions and everyday wear, and VERY budget friendly. I recommend anyone try them out if you want artificial nails but also are looking to save money.

  • Karen xx


11 thoughts on “False Nails on a Budget

  1. I didn’t know stuff like this existed! What nail colour have you got on? It’s gorgeous.
    Check out my blog! | suhkyuhluhnt.wordpress.com


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