5 shaving hacks for smooth skin

I think anyone who has ever come into contact with a razor has had at least one shaving mishap. I know I’ve had my fair share of shaving disasters. It’s practically inevitable, especially when you’re first starting out. Today I’m sharing 5 tips for when it comes to shaving, to make the process a little smoother.Β Exfoliate first

Exfoliating prior to shaving removes any dead skin and provides a smoother area to shave upon, giving you the softest, smoothest skin out! Some exfoliating options include sugar + olive oil, a store bought exfoliator, or some exfoliating gloves.

Pull the skin taught

When you wax, you’re told to pull the skin taught before ripping the wax off. The same can apply for shaving. Ensuring the skin is tight allows the razor to glide against the skin, minimising cuts, and gives you a closer shave and smoother skin. This can help with shaving areas such as the underarms and bikini line where it can be more difficult to shave.

Shave with the grain, then against it

Most people jump in the shower and start shaving in an upwards motion. But if you want a closer shave, shave downwards first. This will essentially trim the hair first, meaning that when you proceed to shave against the grain, your razor will have less hair to cut through, earning you a closer shave.

Use alternate shaving cream options

Don’t be afraid to swap out the shaving cream for conditioner, body wash, or even coconut oil. It’s more hydrating on the skin, and much less expensive.

Slow down and bend those knees

The knees and ankles are the areas where most people tend to nick and cut themselves, so it’s important to slow down and take extra care when shaving those areas. It’s also a good idea to bend your knees, as it will make the surface smoother, meaning you’re less likely to nick yourself.

What are your favourite shaving hacks?

– Karen xx

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