Travel Makeup Bag Essentials

Find out what’s in my travel makeup bag…

What’s better than a long weekend? Not much, let’s be honest. This long weekend just gone, also happened to coincide with my mum’s birthday so we went for a little weekend getaway to celebrate!This meant I had to pack not only a suitcase (gosh, that was a struggle in itself), but a makeup bag to last me the weekend. In the past I have packed so much that the bag would barely zip up and was bursting out the seams. But this time I was determined not to over pack, so I only brought the basics. I think I did a fairly decent job, if I don’t say so myself!

Let’s start with the bag itself! I used a bag from Target a few years ago, but they always have nice bags on offer, so there’s bound to something similar you can find. I even seen cute bags in Kmart (how good is Kmart though?!)


For the face, I packed only 1 makeup item – my Australis Fresh and Flawless pressed powder. It was quite warm that weekend so I didn’t want to have too much on my face, as I would just sweat it off. I also brought along my Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturiser – can’t forget that!


For eyes I decided to keep it simple and pack my old trusty IT Cosmetics “Naturally Pretty Essentials” Palette. It’s quite a small, compact palette, perfect for travel and has all the colours I need to take me from day to night. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I love this palette, so I won’t ramble on too much about it. Of course, I also had to include my Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner and pair it with my IT Cosmetic Superhero mascara, which is a mini size aswell. For eyebrows, brought the Australis Tint my brow brow tint, a favourite of mine.


Lipstick is my weakness, and selecting only a few lipsticks to take along with me has always been a struggle, but I managed to do it this time. I chose MAC’s Lady Bug for a pop of red, and NYX’s Zurich for a classic nude. And of course, I can’t forget the Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment!

There is everything I packed in my travel makeup bag!

What are your travel makeup essentials?

– Karen xx

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