I’m Sick Of Being A Pessimist | My Self Care Goals

I’m a self-proclaimed pessimist. Well, I prefer the term realist. But there’s no denying to anyone that I tend to have a slightly downtrodden way of perceiving the world around me. I think that stems from my problems with self-doubt and self-sabotage, but that’s a story for another day.I’m planning to adopt new strategies to practice self-care and hopefully alter the way I see things to a more positive manner. I’m not aiming to become “optimistic” in replacement of my current realist viewpoint. I actually quite like the fact that I have a realistic view on things.

What I am striving to become, however is less pessimistic. I have a tendency to skew my mindset negatively in day to day life. Whilst up until recently I lived by the thought that “If I’m pessimistic, I’ll never be disappointed”, I have now realised that has led me down a dangerous path of self-sabotage this year, that will only manifest into a vicious cycle if I don’t change my ways. Think the Law of Attraction, if you will.

I wasn’t wrong, thinking that way means I haven’t been disappointed, but I also haven’t been satisfied in any aspect of my life, which is really making me miserable. I getting to the point where I’m starting to dislike the person I’m becoming which is frightening to say the least.


It’s all well and good to say “I’m going to think more positively from now on”. But I can say from experience that that’s not sufficient enough to actually make a successful difference. For me, it’s the equivalent of “I’ll start the diet on Monday”. I know the things I need to do to change my mindset, implementing them, though, is another story.

After some trailing of the internet and some intense late night Pinterest sessions, I have made a list of some changes I can apply to my current lifestyle in order to practice self-care. I believe these things will work towards to a shift in my mindset in order to gain a more positive and holistic outlook on life.


I’ve loved reading from an early age, but my high school studies got in the way of reading books by CHOICE. Reading transports me to another world, the fantasy land inside my head created through the words written on paper. I feel so happy whenever I’m nose deep in a novel, so I know that will make feel better about myself.


Traditional exercise isn’t really my thing, and the thought of going to a gym terrifies me to say the least. But the benefits of exercise speak for themselves, so I’m going to approach it my own way. I want to go on more walks, and maybe even do some yoga. I’ve done very basic yoga on and off over the past few years, and I really want to improve my flexibility & yoga ability.


On a similar note, I really want to do some more meditation. I’ve tried it in the past but I never took it very seriously, but now I’m determined to make better effort to sit back, relax, and focus on mindfulness and self-awareness.


When I eat healthy, I feel better about myself – mentally and physically. I always try to eat healthy, but we all have our weaknesses. And whenever I overindulge, I feel sluggish and unmotivated. Making healthier improvements to what I eat makes me feel energised and happier – but don’t get me wrong, sometimes we all need a chocolate fix, and I’m definitely not going to deny myself of that.


My phone is practically glued to my hand, and I hate how reliant I am on that device. I think it will do me a lot of good if I spend less time on my phone playing meaningless games and scrolling on Instagram, and actually take in the beautiful world around me.


For me, a cluttered work space means a cluttered brain, which won’t do me any favours when it comes to adopting a more positive mindset. My desk is more often than not covered in random shit and means I’m unable to focus, work and think with clarity. Keeping a tidy, organised living space is vital for me to ensure I stay motivated and on task.

There are all the self-care activities I am hoping to do to contribute towards becoming more self-aware and positive. These are small changes but I strongly believe that slow and steady wins the race and that small progress is still progress.

How do you practice self care? Do you do any of these things? Or are there any things that you suggest I do as well? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

– Karen xx

9 thoughts on “I’m Sick Of Being A Pessimist | My Self Care Goals

  1. This post is something I can totally relate to! I seem to possess an innate pessimistic attitude, but it is causing me some adversity. It has gotten to the point that I have started losing my confidence, distrusting my own abilities and affecting even my husband! 😦 So, I’m looking at making changes too. And reading your post made me realize that I’m not alone, and that gives me hope that we can become a little less pessimistic. Baby steps, but fingers crossed. You’ve written this post very well. Kudos!


  2. It is so easy to be addicted to your phone though! I have to make a conscious effort of putting it away.
    Great ideas on here!

    Also, I was just wondering if you’d accept my nomination for the Liebster Award?


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