Baby Name Tag! | My Favourite Baby Names

Confession: I LOVE baby names. Ever since I can remember I’ve had a mental baby name list consisting of my favourite names, which then turned into an extensive list on my phone, which only grows with time.

I’ve seen the “Baby Name Tag” floating around YouTube recently and quite frankly I’m obsessed with watching them. I love hearing new names and seeing what names other people like. This prompted me to do the tag myself!

Disclaimer: These are just my personal preference in names. Please don’t take offence if any of my “least favourites” are names you like, are your name, or are the names of your children. It doesn’t mean they are ‘bad’ names – there are no ‘bad’ names. Baby names are extremely personal and we all have different opinions and preferences – these are just mine.

1. What is your favourite boy and girl’s name from the top UK names list (2015)?

For boys, I like number 65. Gabriel and number 8. William

And for girls, I like number 83. Francesca and number 24. Alice

2. What is your least favourite boy and girl’s name from the top UK names list (2015)?

Boys: Sebastian

Girls: Robyn

3. If you had twins, what would you name them? (G/G, B/B, B/G)

Twin Girls: Florence & Francesca

Twin Boys: Harley & Hendrix

Boy-Girl Twins: Frederick & Francesca

4. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?

I always thought it would be nice to have the name Kate / Katie, sweet and simple. I wouldn’t use it for a child of mine though.

5. You have 4 children, any gender. Their first names all have to start with the same letter. What would their names be?

I couldn’t decide between E & A, so I did both.

Edward, Elliot, Eleanor and Evie

Alexa, Alfie, Archie and Angela

6. What’s your favourite animal-inspired baby name?


7. What’s your favourite colour-inspired baby name?


8. What are your top 3 favourite boy names?

William, Jack, Leo

9. What are your top 3 favourite girl names?

Francesca, Grace, Ingrid

10. What is your favourite celebrity baby name?

I love the royal names – George & Charlotte.

11. What is your ultimate guilty pleasure baby name?

I’ve got two – Eugene & Esmeralda – don’t ask me why I just love them. However, I think they’re just a bit too much for me to actually use.

12. What are your most hated baby names?

Jayden and Hayden – I’m not much of a fan of names that end in “den”.

13. Choose a baby name based on a food/drink.

I had to look online for some inspiration here – and I found Clementine. I think it’s gorgeous! I also love Angus. Fun fact: I once had a dream that I had a brother called Angus.

14. Choose a baby name based on a month.

Mae. It’s not spelt the same as the month, but the inspiration’s there.

15. Choose a baby name from a movie.

Again, I had to research some names for this one and I picked Belle – from Beauty and the Beast.

16. Choose a baby name that is already in your family.

James. It’s simple, classic and timeless.

What are your favourite baby name picks?

– Karen xx

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