Rose hip oil hacks | 7 different ways to use rose hip oil

I’ve been using rose hip oil for years. The benefits it has for your skin is incredible, and is a staple in my skincare routine. Wrinkes, dry skin, oily skin, acne – it will work it’s wonders on it all. Rose hip oil is marvellous for your skin, but it got me thinking, what other ways can I use rose hip oil as a multi use product? If you love rose hip oil, and you love multiple uses for products, keep reading.

Stretch marks

I want to preface this by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with having stretch marks; they are a normal and healthy part of most people’s bodies and there is no real need to remove them. However, if you do want to reduce/prevent stretch marks for whatever reason, apply rose hip oil to those areas. I can’t say it will completely remove or prevent them, but it will keep the area will hydrated, and reduce their intensity.

Hair treatment

Use it as a hair mask! Coat the ends of your hair before bed, wash your hair the next morning, and be left with silky soft hair.


Apply a minuscule drop of rose hip oil to the tops of your cheekbones for a natural, dewy glow.

Body moisturiser

Why stop with your face? Apply a few drops to your elbows, knees and even the backs of your hands as a moisturiser to relieve dry skin. This also works great for when you’re fake tanning as a way to reduce patchiness.


Use the oil as a cuticle oil when doing a manicure. And if you find your nails are looking weak and brittle, you can use it on your nails to strengthen them.

Make up remover

Most people use rose hip oil after cleansing, but you can also use it as a make up remover! It will break down most makeup and also adds extra hydration.

Underneath foundation

If you have super dry skin, and you find foundation clings to your dry patches and does not look great, no matter what you do – use some rose hip oil before you apply your foundation, and it should give you a natural, dewy base, without a dry patch in sight.

That concludes all my uses for the beauty that is rose hip oil! If you have any extra uses that I didn’t mention in this post, be sure to leave a comment and let everyone know!

– Karen xx

2 thoughts on “Rose hip oil hacks | 7 different ways to use rose hip oil

  1. Thank you for these tips :). I just recently bought rosehip oil for the first time and I look forward to trying it as a moisturizer, makeup remover and for my nails.


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