How to increase blog traffic

How to increase blog traffic

You’ve chosen a name, you’ve selected a platform. You’ve picked a theme and customised the features. You’ve written some blog posts and you’ve uploaded them. Fantastic.Now you’re left wondering, how on earth is anyone going to find my blog and see this?

Today I’m sharing some easy ways to boost traffic towards your blog, and therefore make your posts reach a wider audience.

I definitely am not an expert at this whole blogging thing, and I’m sure there are an array of more “professional” ways to promote and draw traffic to your blog that I either don’t know about, or don’t understand. I’m just sharing things I’ve done in the past that I’ve noticed have brought an increase in traffic to my blog.


You want people to follow and read your blog? You’ve gotta read theirs. That’s just the way it works.

Follow other bloggers in the community and show a genuine interest to actively read, like and comment on their blogs. Plus, follow and interact with them on their social medias such as Instagram and Twitter.

This will make your own blog more noticeable to other like-minded bloggers, making others in the community more likely to read. I notice my page views are significantly higher during times where I’m actively interacting with other blogs, compared to when I’m not.


If you’re wondering what a follow train is, its basically where you, along with others on the ‘train’ share your blog links and you follow one another. To my knowledge, it’s more often than not done on Twitter and is a great way to find other bloggers, and for other bloggers to find you, thus increasing traffic to your blog. This one is effective, but I’d suggest not doing it too often, as it can be annoying to those that follow you on Twitter as you will be sharing your link as a tweet, and it can spam people’s feeds if you do to frequently.


Use social media to your advantage. Let those who follow you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. know whenever you put up a new post, and leave a link to it so they can easily read it. Even consider promoting it multiple times a day, because time zones exist and some people on the other side of the globe maybe be sleeping when you post your first link, and you won’t reach the entirety of your audience. This ensures that the most amount of people are exposed your blog post, hence increasing your traffic.


On a similar note, a great way to expand your audience is to use blogger retweet accounts. If you’ve never heard of them before, they’re pretty self explanatory. When you use Twitter, tag the account’s handle in the same tweet promoting your blog post, and they will retweet it! Many of these retweet accounts have thousands of followers, thus exposing your blog to a wider range of people. A lot of them require you to follow them first, and that’s great because then you can find new bloggers to follow through their account as well!


No matter what you do, chances are you’re not going to build up a substantial audience / amount of traffic overnight. That does happen to some, but for most of us, it’s just too unrealistic. And if you’re looking for thousands upon thousands of followers in an instant, and aren’t willing to work hard over time for it – maybe you’re not blogging for the right reasons. Blog because you LOVE IT. Not because you want a large following. Be authentic, love what you do, and with time, you’ll attract the right audience.

How do you promote/draw optimal traffic to your blog?

– Karen xx

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57 thoughts on “How to increase blog traffic

  1. This is great advice! Everything you’ve mentioned is so spot on and accurate. I started my blog a month ago, and have since grown my following by 300 just by interaction with the community and follow trains. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Really good tips! I find the follow trains really helpful and also interacting with other bloggers (which is what I’m doing now) Hahaha! Thanks for sharing x


  3. I’m glad I’m on the right track with my blog! I always feel like I’m late to the game with the follow trains because by the time I check, it’s been started like 10 hours ago and there are 50+ comments on it so I end up thinking, “well no one is going to notice mine!” but I do it anyway! The other thing I’m not doing is promoting a post several times a day. Heck, I think I only promote it once the day before unlike others… so I have to work on that! Thanks for posting Karen!


  4. Thanks for the tips! I’m trying to interact with other bloggers more on social media and have recently started using RT accounts more effectively.


  5. My blog is still pretty new so this is super helpful. Specially the time zone. I suppose I realize that but I thought posting to much would be annoying but I get it, some ppl across the world will not be reached.


  6. Great advice 😀 I love interacting with other bloggers and your are right sometimes it is just about being patient and working hard 😊💜


  7. Great advices. I am a new blogger so definitely I will need all the tips. Especially the last one with the patience. Keep sharing


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