I Tried Making A Pinterest Watermelon Cake

Love watermelon? Love cake? Why not add the two together?

I don’t know about you, but the thought of watermelon + cake = Happy Karen!

I’ve seen this cake on Pinterest so many times before, and I’ve seen it featured on Buzzfeed in the past. So I thought why not try and recreate it myself!Unfortunately this cake isn’t watermelon flavoured, but on an aesthetic level, it looks just like a watermelon! And that’s good enough for me!

Step 1

Make a good ol’ plain vanilla cake! You can make one from scratch or cheat a little and use a pre-packaged mix (I did the latter). No matter which you choose, what you must do, however is use food colouring to colour it a pinky/red/coral shade – the colour of a watermelon (who would’ve thought?!). In addition to that mix in some chocolate chips, to act as the seeds of our watermelon.

TIP: Don’t do what I did and tap the cake tin on the bench to remove air bubbles. This will result in all the chocolate chips (seeds) sinking to the bottom of the cake 😦 .

Step 2

It’s decoration time! Firstly, we must make some icing (or buy some from the supermarket) and have two separate batches – one coloured green, and one the same pink/red/coral (WATERMELON) colour from before. You’ve probably already worked out that the green goes around the sides of our cake, and the pink goes on top. Now it’s starting to look more like a watermelon! Sprinkle some chocolate chips on the top of the cake, and voila! We have our watermelon cake!

Cut out a wedge of cake and it should look like you have a slice of watermelon in your hands (unless your seeds sunk to the bottom like yours truly’s did).

I hope you enjoyed! If you tried this watermelon cake out, let me know how it turned out for you!

– Karen xx

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