8 everyday struggles of wearing glasses

My name is Karen and I have myopia. You may know it as short-sightedness. Whatever you want to call it, I can only see things clearly if they are right up against my face. This means I’m one of those lucky people who rely on glasses all the time.

While it’s great to actually see things and lets not forget, they can make you look smarter in some circumstances, there are so many nuisances that come along with wearing spectacles.

Before I get into the post, can I just say it still blows my mind that there are people out there whose eyes actually work without any assistance, like wow, your eyes aren’t lazy bitches and actually do what they’re supposed to do, that’s amazing.

Here are 8 everyday struggles of someone who wears glasses:

Struggle #1

When you wear glasses, at least once in your life you’ll be asked:

“OMG, you wear glasses? How many fingers am I holding up?”

Can you not? Whilst this does make me laugh it can get annoying.

It also often follows with that person asking to try on your glasses, stating that “OMG you’re SO BLIND”

Struggle #2

Your glasses turn into fog city every time you eat/drink something hot. Soups, noodles, even cups of tea cannot be enjoyed to their full capacity if you’re wearing spectacles. And if that wasn’t bad enough, forget about wearing your glasses during hot, humid weather.

Struggle #3

Your glasses sliding down your face in hot weather and having to constantly readjust them.

Much like a child at a water park, glasses like to slide, down your nose more specifically. Especially if it’s summer.

Struggle #4

Makeup + Glasses = No. My glasses are covered in foundation by the end of the day, and the bridge of my nose is not. Gross, I know.

Struggle #5

No longer can you watch a 3D movie or wear cute sunglasses on their own, unless you want to sacrifice your vision.

Struggle #6

Constant smudges. No matter how many times you clean them, there’s always a smudge you can’t avoid.

Struggle #7

Lying on your side while wearing glasses. No, just no. It doesn’t work. RIP all those times you used to lie on the couch and watch TV.

Struggle #8

Never being able to take a nice selfie wearing your glasses. Reflection, anyone?

Do you wear glasses? What do you love/hate about it?

– Karen xx

21 thoughts on “8 everyday struggles of wearing glasses

  1. I normally wear contacts, but I’ve been wearing glasses more recently. My main problems are the makeup & fog especially since it’s so cold outside so everytime I go inside they fog up


  2. These are all so true πŸ˜€ Especially with the one where they hold their fingers up. I’ve been wearing since I was a kid, but they always bugged me. So when I got in my teens, I switched to contact lenses when I’m out. But as soon as I get home the glasses comes right on. Lying on the side it’s one of the worst parts!


  3. I’ve had glasses since I was five (I’m 21 now), and I relate to these all so much! I don’t have an issue with foundation on my glasses, the real issue is blindly putting on makeup!

    I’m thankful I can wear contacts most days though!


  4. I have never related to a blog post more than this one! The makeup and glasses one is so true, especially with eye makeup! I don’t generally have a problem with foundation going on my glasses, but sometimes it does happen.


  5. AMEN! haha Or when it’s hot and you have glasses like mine – the plastic ones – and you have to get them reheated and shaped every freaking WEEK it seems like!

    Great post! Following you now!


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