Summer Fashion Inspiration

Fashion isn’t exactly my “thing”, hence why I don’t include the term in my blog’s tagline. More often than not, you’ll find me living in plain black jeans and a white t shirt, that’s if I’m not wearing pyjamas at home – such a fashionista, I know. Although I’d describe my fashion sense as simple, classic and basic, lately I’ve been trying to step out side my comfort zone and mix up my wardrobe. For one, I’m trying to gradually steer away from my usual black and white and incorporate some more colour into the clothing I wear. Which let me just say, is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

I haven’t gone on a massive shopping spree and bought myself a whole new closet, so it’s a slow process adding new style pieces to my wardrobe bit by bit.

I thought I would write up a blog post sharing my summer fashion inspiration, items that have caught my attention and would like to purchase (or similar pieces) in the future. Think of it as a fashion version of my beauty wishlists.


Playsuits / jumpsuits are a recent discovery of mine. I only just starting wearing them as I always thought they wouldn’t suit me. However, I recently tried one on and loved how it looked, and their surprising comfort factor.

Sportsgirl Babydoll Jumpsuit | $99.95

Sportsgirl Button Front Jumpsuit | $99.95


I spend a lot of time wearing t shirts, and aim to try something new when it comes to tops. Think blouses and camis.

Cotton On Susan Short Sleeve Top | $29.95

Cotton On Rosa Fashion Cami | $19.95

Skirts / Dresses

I’ve really enjoyed wearing dresses and maxi skirts as of late – they’re flowy, comfortable and they keep you cool in the ridiculous summer heat.

Dotti Tilly T Shirt Dress | $39.95

Cotton On Woven Vivian Cut Out Maxi Dress | $49.95

Ally Fashion Textured Wrap Maxi Skirt | $19.99

Ally Fashion Boho Print Button Front Midi Skirt | $29.99

That concludes all my summer fashion inspiration! I’m unsure if I actually will purchase any of these exact items, but since they are inspiration pieces, I’ll definitely be on the look out for similar items, some at a more affordable price range. Off to Kmart I go…

– Karen xx

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