Getting Organised For Back To School

In Australia, it’s that time of year where our summer break is coming to an end, and school and university is starting up again. Whether you’re excited about the prospect of return to study, or if you’re dreading it, getting organised for school is a necessity. Like many, I’ve done the whole “back to school” thing quite a few times, so here some my top tips for heading back to school!


Getting new stationary is undoubtedly my favourite part of heading back to school. Going to Officeworks excites me like going to a candy store excited a child. Walking the aisles filled with shiny new pens and bright, sticky post it notes – oh how glorious! Ensure that wherever you go to purchase your stationary, you buy all the essentials – pens, pencils, an eraser, highlighters, and a pencil case to store it all in. When buying books, it’s a good idea to buy a couple more notebooks than you think you’ll need, as they can fill up quickly, and before you know it, you’ll need a new one! Plus, you never know when they will come in handy.


Admit it, over the holiday break our sleep schedule can get way out of whack. We go to sleep too late and we wake up too late, and this can easily turn into a habit, that isn’t too easy to break out of. It’s a good idea to wake up at a similar time that you need to for school everyday for about a week before you return. I found that doing this helps me tremendously, and those 6am starts become a little less challenging.


Regardless of whether you’re going back to school or not, a diary/planner is a necessity for most people. There’s so many different diary options out there, and it’s important to select one that suits you and your needs. Most schools provide their own diary to students, but if your school doesn’t, or if you don’t like their diary, you can always purchase your own. You can pretty much find diaries anywhere – Kmart, Officeworks, Typo and Newsagents are just a few options. Once you get your diary, it’s so important to actually use it! (Something I struggle with at times) They keep you on track with tasks, plan out your week, and ensures you are less likely to forget any important dates, like when assessments are due! (if you use it of course!)


Bags are a very personal thing. We all have different styles we like, and qualities we want out of the bag. Some people love tote style shoulder bags, some prefer backpacks – it’s all personal preference. Regardless of what bag you choose, you must ensure it suits YOU and YOUR needs. For instance, if you bring your laptop to school/uni everyday, a tiny little backpack probably wont cut it. Therefore, when selecting a bag, its vital to consider what you actually take with you to school/uni and choose a bag accordingly.

There’s all my advice for back to school time! If you are heading back to school/uni soon, try not to stress about it too much and just enjoy it as best you can. Good luck!

– Karen xx

2 thoughts on “Getting Organised For Back To School

  1. I’m all for Backpack thankfully this Christmas I got a new backpack since my old one got destroyed because I din’t closed a spray can well so Santa saved my money and yes planners/diaries are the best way to keep everything on tracks!
    Btw had you check Blippo? They sell cute stationary especially if you’re into kawaii stuff


  2. This post is amazing. I started my blog on January 5th if you could check out my blog posts and give me some pointers that would be wonderful.


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