19 Things That Make Me Happy

Today it’s February 10th, which means it’s my birthday! In celebration of turning 19, I thought I would share 19 things that make me happy!

1. Reading + browsing the shelves of a book store/library

2. Watching funny/cute cat & dog videos

3. Rainy weather

4. Eurovision (yes, I’m one of those people)

5. Trashy reality tv shows (I can’t help myself)

6. Blogging

7. Routines/Schedules & filling out a diary or planner

8. Buying new stationary

9. Browsing the aisles of kmart for hours and hours

10. The smell of freshly mown grass

11. Finding a new song / album and listening to it over and over

12. The act of peeling away plastic packaging, it’s so satisfying

13. The rare occasion where my hair cooperates (which more often than not occurs when I have zero plans πŸ™„)

14. The combination of freshly shaved legs and freshly washed sheets

15. Laughing so hard you can barely breathe

16. Dancing like nobody’s watching

17. Donuts

18. The satisfaction that comes along with popping bubble wrap

19. The smell of a new perfume

What’s something that makes you happy?<<<<<<

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