Australis Cosmetics | Top 5

I’ve decided to start a “Top Five” series, where I select a brand and share my top five products from them. I hope this is helpful for those who are new to a certain brand and don’t know where to start in regards to what products to try, or even if you are familiar with the brand, and just want to discover some new gems. The first brand in this series is going to be AUSTRALIS COSMETICS.

Australis is a popular Australian owned makeup brand that offers a wide variety of cruelty free products, including a vegan friendly range. They are always releasing fun, new and exciting products with a unique edge to entice beauty lovers. I have been a fan of their products ever since I first started with makeup and have come across many hits (and misses) over time. However I have managed to select the top five products I would recommend to someone new to the brand.

If you’re interested, please continue reading!

Top 5 Australis Products

Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder

This is an absolute cult favourite amongst many Australian makeup lovers. It is a pressed powder that provides excellent coverage, and can be used as a setting powder, or as a foundation on its own. I’ve even heard it be compared to the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in the past.

Tint My Brow – Brow Tint

My staple brow product. This comes in a tiny tube with a tiny brush for accurate precision. This brow tint is my go to brow product as the one product fills in my brows, brushes them out, and holds them in place all day. Plus, it is much more affordable than other popular brow products on the market.

Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops

Have a foundation that is too dark or light for your skin tone? Get your hands on these! Simply mix in however many drops required to your regular foundation and you’ll be left with the perfect shade! I’m extremely pale, so it’s quite a challenge to find a drugstore foundation that matches me perfectly, even the lightest shades are too dark for me, so the lightening drops  have been a saviour to me. I do own the darkening drops as well, for the rare occasion that I’m fake tanned, however I find that don’t work as well and can leave the foundation looking grey and ashy – not the best look. But the lightening drop are a massive thumbs up from me.

Show Some Cheek Blush

These blushes are a great addition to any makeup collection. Providing a matte finish, these blushes are extremely pigmented, so go gentle on the application, unless you want to rock the clown look. They are also convenient for travel, with packaging that contains a lift up mirror, great for on the go.

GRL BOSS Demi Matte Lip Cream

Not quite a matte finish, not quite a glossy texture – these lip creams are the perfect in between. Extremely pigmented, in such gorgeous gold packaging, which looks quite luxurious for a drugstore product, the GRL BOSS lip creams are a fairly recent addition to Australis’ collection, and are great for those wanting a lip cream, without the drying matte texture.

Overall, Australis cosmetics provides great quality products at an affordable drugstore price. This makes them a great starting place for beginners starting to experiment with makeup, and also great for discovering staple items that are comparable to higher end brands.

– Karen xx

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