I Changed My Name | Goodbye The Lifestyle Love | Update

Hello there! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? You may remember me by the blog name “The Lifestyle Love”. Well, that is no more. But “Keeping it Karen” has launched and is here to stay!

You may be wondering why the name change?

Here’s a quick explanation – I am terrible at technology.


I was self-hosted for a little while and to cut a long story short –  through what I’m assuming to be a fault of my own (because, in case you forgot, I’m awful at technology) the site and domain name shut down and no longer worked. I won’t go into much more detail because if I’m being honest – I don’t really understand it all myself.

I still wanted to continue blogging, though, it’s my hobby and a passion of mine and I wasn’t going to let this hiccup be the end of it all. So, I took it as the perfect opportunity to reinvent my blog with a new name – a fresh start just in time for my one year blogging anniversary.

I’ve moved back to where I started at wordpress.com, which is perfect for me, as I feel like I jumped into being self hosted way too quickly, and was way out of my depth. Once I became self hosted I feel as though blogging became less fun for me, as I was so confused trying to figure this new world out. It just wasn’t for me. So, this ultimately pushed me back to wordpress.com. I know it is not for everyone, but it works for me and is a platform I’m more comfortable using. And I firmly believe in doing what YOU want to do and what makes YOU happy. Happy Karen = more enjoyable blogging!

Thankfully, I did have my blog backed up, so I was able to transfer all my blog posts from the Lifestyle love over to this blog. So while it is technically a new blog – it has all the best bits of The Lifestyle Love still living on under a new title. C’mon, I couldn’t say goodbye to my old blog completely!

Why “Keeping it Karen” ?

To be honest, I have been considering changing my blog name for a little while now. And the drama with being self hosted and losing my domain forced me into actually doing it. I love my old name – I wouldn’t have chosen it otherwise! However, as time went on, I felt like it wasn’t “me”. I found myself wanting my blog to be more personal and raw.

I’ve always wanted my blog to be a space where I can talk about ANYTHING. I wanted it to be an outlet for ME. Keeping it Karen seemed fitting, as it included my name, giving it a personal touch (something my old blog name didn’t have) and really reiterating the reason why I took up blogging – to keep it real by sharing my thoughts and experiences. Keeping it Karen – Keeping it real, Keeping it me!

I’m excited to see where Keeping it Karen goes and I hope you stick around for this new chapter of my blogging journey, see you in my next post!

– Karen xx

4 thoughts on “I Changed My Name | Goodbye The Lifestyle Love | Update

  1. I’m loving the new name!

    I’ve had a similar issue and have totally re-worked my blog too. I’m still relatively new at this blogging malarkey and it can be confusing at times – Keeping it Karen looks ace though!

    Aims x


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