2 Steps To Smooth, Soft, Fuller Lips!

It seems that these days people desire fuller lips more than ever before. While I’m not entirely fussed by the fullness of my lips, I do appreciate having a soft, smooth pout.

If you are after a plumper pout, sans medical procedures, keep reading because here are some tips and tricks for creating smooth, soft and fuller looking lips naturally!

How To Achieve The Look Of Fuller Lips Naturally

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the lips brings blood to the surface to naturally plump out the lips. Not only does it slightly increase the fullness of the lips, but exfoliating the lips regularly creates a smooth base for lipstick.

There are two main ways I like to exfoliate my lips. First, I’ll use a lip scrub – either bought (Lush make great ones) or I diy a lip scrub (mix some olive oil and sugar together). Secondly, my favourite way is to use a toothbrush! Everyday, after I brush my teeth I gently rub my toothbrush over my lips to remove any dead skin from the surface. Cost efficient and effective!

2. Makeup

Use makeup to your advantage! Think contouring is just for your face? Think again. Use colour and tone to sculpt the lips and create the shape you desire. Use darker shades of lip product around the outside of the lips, and gradually lighten the colour as you reach the centre. Lip liner works wonders! Don’t be afraid to slightly overdraw your lips, and softly blend it out to subdue any harsh lines.

There are the two steps to smooth, fuller lips! Hope you enjoyed.

– Karen xx

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