5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

Currently in Australia, we are transitioning from warmer weather to the cool change of winter. With this transition, comes a lot of comments of disappointment and sadness that the cold is now upon us.

I don’t necessarily agree. Personally, I love winter, and everything that comes along with it (okay, maybe not everything). So, I thought I would boost the spirit of doom and gloom and share 5 great things about the cooler weather!

Whilst us living in the Southern Hemisphere don’t get to experience the joys of a white Christmas, or waking up to snow, there are many great things that come along with winter this time of year.

1. Layer Up!

I strongly believe that it’s easier to warm up, than it is to cool down. In winter, you can wear cute fashion items such as scarves and boots – not ideal in summer.

2. Warm beverages

Is there anything better than a warm cup of tea on a cold winters night? I don’t think so. I love snuggling up watching a show or movie while sipping on a cup of tea or even a hot chocolate, if I’m feeling fancy.

3. Makeup that actually lasts

In winter, my makeup doesn’t melt off my face after 20 minutes! Enough said. Also, I love a gorgeous berry lip during frosty weather, testament to my extensive collection.

4. Snuggle up!

Let’s be honest – it’s not fun trying to get to asleep in summer. The best thing about winter is the fact that you can snuggle up with a mountain of blankets – how cozy.

5. Fluffy socks

A little fact about me – I love collecting socks! Not boring white socks you were forced to wear at school, though. Colourful, fluffy, printed socks that make my heart smile. Winter means I can break out my collection and get some use out of them, something I can’t do that often during summer.

– Karen xx

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Love Winter

  1. Making the most out of winter is always a good idea! In Canada it can last for around 7 months, that’s a long time to complain about the snow and cold. I love getting cosy on the couch or heading to the nearest Tim Hortons for an early morning coffee on those dark winter days. We also play a lot of boardgames on snow days!


    1. That’s just like summer in Australia! It’s stretched out so long that by the end I’m completely over it. They sound like lovely ways to spend winter days. Thanks for reading! xx


  2. It’s summer here in the Philippines and I so don’t like it. 😦 I’ve experienced winter in taiwan and I loved it!! I so love thw cold and hot chocolate and seeing my breath haha. I wish I’m somewhere where it’s winter again.


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