Get Ready Fast! | How To Save Time In The Morning |Morning Routine Hacks

We all know what it’s like to be running late in the morning. You’ve slept in, traffic is hectic, and you tell yourself you won’t let this happen again, only to find yourself in the same predicament the next day.

Because of this, many of us are left searching for ways to cut corners and save time in our morning routines. Here are some tips to get ready in a more time-efficient manner, and not rush!

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier

Many of us have heard of that trick where you tell a friend that’s always late to meet you at 1:00 just so they are on time for when you actually want to meet them at 1:30. This tip works similarly. If you need to wake up at 6:30am, set your alarm for 6:15am or earlier. This allows you the freedom to wake up slowly, so you are still out of bed when you are supposed to be.

Create a morning playlist

Create a playlist full of positive, uplifting songs that make you feel good. Hit play as soon as you wake up and start your day. This playlist should be roughly the same length of time as to how long it should take you to get ready. For example, you should be out the door by the time your final song is finished.

Prepare meals the night before

Make your breakfast and/or lunch the night before so you don’t need to worry about doing so the next morning. Doing this can either save you time so you can sleep in that precious 15 minutes extra, or allow you to not rush around, being inevitably late. Double win!

Organise your outfits in advance

On a similar note, organise your outfits in advance so you aren’t lumped with the tough decision in the morning. This can be done the night before, or if you want to be super organised, do so on Sunday evening so your clothes are fully prepared for the week ahead.

Likewise, something I find super helpful is doing my hair the night before. This can be anything, from simply spraying some dry shampoo in my roots, so that the grey cast it leaves disappears by the morning, or even curling my hair the night before so I don’t have to in the morning, allowing me to get that touch of extra sleep.

What’s your favourite part of your morning routine?

– Karen xx

7 thoughts on “Get Ready Fast! | How To Save Time In The Morning |Morning Routine Hacks

  1. Setting my alarm 15 minutes earlier has honestly completely changed my mornings! I don’t sleep very well, so I used to wake up at the last minute possible to ensure I was getting all the sleep I could, but that would mean I was exhausted whilst trying to get ready, and it was horrible. Now, I set my alarm 15 minutes early and read for that time, which wakes me up instantly and improves my mood as well! Mornings are no longer the worst part of my day now 😊


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