Hello Spring | Update

Why hello there and hello spring!

It’s the 1st of September which means that for us Australians, winter has officially left us and spring is here! It also means that we are almost 3/4 through 2018…whaaaat?! Blink and it’ll be Christmas!

Looking over to the northern hemisphere, I must admit I am a little jealous. Spring in Australia means Autumn/Fall for those in Europe or America and considering that it feels like Australia just started to get a taste of winter, and now we’re heading back into warmer temperatures, I am looking at all those autumnal vibes with a touch of envy.

I thought to mark the change in seasons I would write up a bit of an update of how I’m doing, and also share some of my goals for the month (and even season) ahead.

How Am I?

Well, I’m glad you asked! This year so far (well, we are about three quarters through it!) has been pretty good overall, and all things considered, I’m doing alright.

The second semester of uni is well and truly in action and it feels like I have more and more assessments to do every day. But that’s okay – I just keep thinking of the end goal and realise that it will all be worth it in the end.

One thing I’m definitely not looking forward to is the wave of hay fever that will inevitably hit sooner or later. I get awful hay fever every year and spend a good chunk of spring sneezing. This also continues through summer, I remember one year I spent Christmas Day carrying a box of tissues around because I couldn’t stop sneezing. However, it was fitting because my red nose meant I looked like Rudolph all day long! Fun times ahead, hey!

Although I do love winter, I am excited for all the new spring/summer range of clothing to hit the stores over the next few months. That is probably one of the only things I like about the warmer weather – a mix up in fashion!

However, August did end on a bit of a sad note. I was informed by his new owner that my beautiful dog, Dexter who I had all throughout my childhood, had passed away. This broke me. Growing up as an only child, my dog was like a brother and best friend all in one. And although he hadn’t lived with me for quite a number of years, the fact that he’s no longer here shattered me. I knew that this day would come eventually but it didn’t make it any easier. What does bring me comfort, however, is that he was 13 years old and lived a wonderfully long life. Rest in peace beautiful boy.

Looking Ahead

For the rest of the year, here are some of the things I’d like to do/achieve:

  • Obtain one high distinction at university
  • Experiment with fashion and wear something that is out of my comfort zone
  • Keep my room clean by tidying it more regularly (it’s a bit of a bomb site at times)

That concludes my update! I hope you enjoyed! I actually really enjoyed writing this, so I’m thinking that I might make it a regular thing – possibly a new update at the start of every season? We’ll see…

What’s one thing you want to achieve this month?

– Karen xx

12 thoughts on “Hello Spring | Update

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog! Losing pets is always hard. 😞

    Good luck with your goals! I’d love to see a post about what you decide to try in terms of fashion!!


  2. It’s so fascinating that you guys just started spring while the rest of the world (okay, not all but you get my point) is preparing for fall.

    So sorry to hear about your dog 😦


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