Online Shopping Tips

We all love a good online shopping session, some more than others, but nonetheless, it’s become a common part of today’s society.

It’s convenient, fun, a great way to kill time and let’s not forget, the sense of excitement when a parcel arrives at the door is incomparable – it’s like a little present to yourself!

Here are some of my top tips and tricks for getting the best online shopping experience.

Low To High

I think a lot of people follow this one already, but I thought I’d include it anyway. When looking at the items on offer, sort them from lowest price to highest price. This allows you to find better deals and sales on items quicker and easier than if you were scrolling through the sites featured order.

Look In Store First

Now, I know you’re probably thinking “if I can buy the item in store, why would I buy it online?” I get it. But, sometimes it can be cheaper to purchase something online. You may have access to a really great discount code, or they may be a sale that is only offered online.

If you’re buying from a site that has a physical store, go in store first to see the item in person and if it’s a clothing item, try it on to make sure you 100% love it. If you still want the item after seeing it in person, then go ahead and purchase it online!

Discount Codes

Every time I go online shopping before I check out, I’ll do a quick google search for “discount codes for (insert store name here)”.Β I will admit, often a lot of the codes are expired or faulty; however, if you keep looking you can strike gold and find a code that works and get a decent discount on your order or even score free shipping – win!

On a similar note, if you’re a university student, Unidays is a wonderful site full of discount codes. You sign up with your university details, and then you are presented with an array of online discount codes. The perks of being a student, ey?

Subscribe To Mailing List

You know those often irritating pop-up adds you get on a site asking you to join their mailing list? Instead of immediately clicking on the x to continue browsing, actually type in your email and often you’ll be given a discount code for your first order! Also, mailing lists are great for finding out when there are great sales on that you would otherwise not be aware of.

I’m aware these emails can often be quite annoying and clog up your inbox, if this does bother you, maybe just sign up for the stores you absolutely love and shop at often.


They say patience is a virtue, and online shopping is no exception. If you find something online that you LOVE but it is full price and you can’t find a discount code for that store, try holding out for a few weeks and keep checking back to see if the price is lowered, or if they have any promotions such as free shipping, etc.

Honestly, I cannot count the amount of times I have bought something full price, only to discover it’s been discounted a week later – in store and online. So annoying!

Read Reviews

I find reading reviews really helpful, in any situation, but especially when purchasing online. Because the items you’re looking to buy aren’t tangible, it’s good to look to others who have bought them previously. Take a look at the reviews of both:

1. The product in mind, and

2. If possible the website you’re looking to buy from in general.

If you can find realistic photographs of the items that is even better because we all know that often in real life the item does not match what it looks like online, so it’s best to be prepared and know what you’re in for.

What’s your favourite online store?

– Karen xx

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