Affordable 5 Minute Face

I don’t like to spend enormous amounts money. Of course, I enjoy a bit of a splurge every now and then, but most of the time, the uni student in me is saving every last penny.

Because of this, I’m always on the hunt for affordable products in every aspect of my life, especially makeup. I don’t own a lot of high end products due to a mix of not being able to justify paying what’s on their price tag ($30+ for a single eyeshadow – are you kidding me?) and knowing that there are some incredible products out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Today I’m going to share a quick, adorable, everyday makeup routine that I follow most days, and is perfect for the penny saving, busy person.

As always, keep note that all prices in this post are in AUD.


Savvy by DB | BB Cream ($6.99)

Before applying any trace of makeup, I’ll start by using both sunscreen and moisturiser. Once they are done,Β I’ll get into my base. Keeping it real by just using my fingers, I’ll apply some BB cream evenly all over my face. If I find that particular day that it looks a little streaky, I’ll further buff it in with a damp beauty blender sponge.

Savvy by DB | Mineral Loose Powder ($9.99)

Next, we are going to set the BB cream with some powder. Lately, I’ve been after a more dewy finish to my makeup, so I’m buffing in a loose powder that leaves an iridescent glow, allowing me to skip the highlighter.

Designer Brands | Blush “Barely Blush” ($9.99)

Time to add a flush of colour to the cheeks! This particular blush is discontinued, but DB currently sells similar blushes. Alternatively, Essence also makes great blushes for around four dollars. This shade, in particular, is quite an earthy and muted shade of pink, so I feel like there is no need for bronzer or contour.


Essence | Single Eyeshadow “No Cream, No Sugar” (approx. $1.00)

For the eyes, I’m keeping it nice and simple. Using a cool toned brown eyeshadow, I’m going to run it through my crease and softly blend it out. I’m also going to add it across my lower lash line for extra definition.

Essence | Get Big Lashes Mascara ($4.70)

Moving on to mascara, using another Essence product I’m going to swipe it across my eyelashes. I find that this mascara creates a more fluffy, natural look to my eyelashes, perfect for an everyday look.

Australis | Tint My Brow ($5.00)

To finish off the eye area, I’m going to use a basic eyebrow tint to fill in and tame my eyebrows. As you can probably tell, this makeup look is all about creating a natural finish and I find that a brow tint is perfect for doing just that.


Essence | Lip Liner “Satin Mauve” ($1.00)

Savvy by DB | Lipstick “Pretty Pink” ($4.99)

Using the same lip liner trick I mentioned in this blog post, I’m going to line my lips and apply a nude lipstick.

Total Price: $43.66

And there you have it! A face full of makeup for less than the price of a YSL lipstick!

– Karen xx

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