The 12 Days Of Blogmas

You’ve probably seen a lot of bloggers doing Blogmas at the moment, where they blog every day during the month of December.

This is the second year I’ve thought about doing Blogmas and the second time I’ve decided against it. Blogging every single day for an entire month, for me, is just too unattainable and aiming to do so will most likely set me up for failure.

Despite this, I still, however, want to do Blogmas, but with my own spin on it.

So, I bring you the 12 Days Of Blogmas!

Instead of blogging for 24 days from the start of December to Christmas Eve, I’ll be blogging every weekday for 12 days. That means from December 7th – December 24th, in the twelve weekdays leading up to Christmas, I’ll be publishing a new blog post every day. They will mainly focus on Christmas / festive / end of year reflection themes, but could also have some of my regular content thrown in there for fun as well, we’ll just see how things pan out.

I’ve created a new category on my blog called 12 Days Of Blogmas, so if you want to see all of the posts in one place, that’s where to find it.

I’m really excited to start this as it’s something I’ve never done on my blog before. Hope you join me along for the ride!

See you on Friday for day one!

– Karen xx

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