The Festive Fashion Edit | Day 4

I’m a dedicated window shopper. Online and in real life. Particularly when it comes to fashion. I’m always browsing stores, taking note of clothing items and styles that I love, yet rarely buy them and try them for myself.

My imaginary wardrobe that exists in my brain, consisting of items that I see during my window shopping endeavours, is certainly more stylish than the wardrobe that lives in my bedroom.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this. It’s because doing so sparked an idea in my head. I thought I would have a little window shopping session and share the pieces that catch my eye. This time of year, I’m seeing lots of gorgeous fashion items that are great for all the celebrating that comes along with the holiday season.

Today I’ll be sharing some fashion pieces that would be perfect for Christmas and festive celebrations. Some Christmas fashion ideas for whatever look you’re aiming to achieve. I have included exact examples; however, they’re mainly used as inspiration.

The Red Dress

When I think of Christmas, my mind automatically thinks red. It’s one of the most perfect festive colours. It stands out, while still appearing elegant and classy.

Boohoo Wrap Polka Dot Print Frill Detail Tea Dress


Cotton On Kimi Scooped Bodycon Midi DressΒ (It’s more orange, but it still works)


ASOS Design Off Shoulder Tiered Maxi Beach DressΒ (This one reminds me of a candy cane!)


Boohoo Printed Long Sleeve Wrap Midi Dress

Screenshot (257)

PrettyLittleThing Red Pinafore Dress

Screenshot (243)

Comfy and Cozy

Sometimes, comfort wins. Especially for my friends over in the northern hemisphere who enjoy a white Christmas, a cozy outfit consisting of warm, fuzzy pieces is just what you’re after. Pair these with a pair of nice jeans and you’re good to go.

PrettyLittleThing Red Eyelash Jumper Dress

Screenshot (244)

Boohoo Cocoon Oversized Rib Knit Cardigan

Screenshot (258)

Screenshot (252)

Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle

Want to be the centre of attention and stand out from the others? Sparkle will do that! And what better time of year to be extra and get the sparkle and shine out? These would also work perfectly for New Years.

Dotti Runway Sequin Dress

Screenshot (263)

Boohoo Sequin Twist Front Kimono Sleeve Playsuit


Boohoo Boutique Lacey Sequin T-Shirt Dress

Screenshot (261)

Valleygirl Kellan Glam Bodycon Dress

Screenshot (248)

A More Casual Approach

I know I’ve already shared some comfy items, but warm, cozy jumpers aren’t always ideal – they’re certainly not in an Australian summer Christmas! Here are some casual pieces that will work for most people, especially if you’re in a warmer climate.

Valleygirl Jenny Maxi Dress



ASOS Design Mixed Fabric Popper Front Smock Dress

Screenshot (249)

– Karen xx

3 thoughts on “The Festive Fashion Edit | Day 4

  1. Excuse me while I butt in but I love clothes. When I was skinny I looked for authentic WW2 outfits. There was a shop in Bhan but I found most if them at estate sales. I’m a die hard romangic.


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