How Christmas is Different in Australia | Day 5

What is Christmas like in Australia? We see Christmas time portrayed across various types of media, mostly from the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere. Being from Australia, it’s often a little difficult to relate, so today, I thought I would share a little glimpse into how the holiday season is different in Australia.

Obviously, this is just an account of how I and people I know spend Christmas; of course, everyone spends it differently, no matter what country they’re from. I’m sure there are a lot of people who won’t relate to a lot of the things I mentioned, and I’m sure there are a lot of things Australians do during Christmas that I haven’t included.

Nonetheless, I hope this gives you a little insight into how we spend Christmas in Australia and how it might be different to those in the Northern Hemisphere.

The weather

Starting with the obvious – the weather. Christmas takes place during the summer time. No white Christmas for us. I would love to travel one Christmas and experience a white Christmas one day, but for now, summer it is.

Fashion choices

As a result of the warm weather, our clothing options are a little different. The ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ tradition I see online is pretty much non-existent in Australia; it’s just way too warm for that. We tend to live in light, flowy clothes that breathe, or better yet, our swimwear if we’re spending our time by the pool or at the beach.


Another difference that links to weather (are you noticing a theme here?) is the food and beverages we consume during Christmas. I often see people online enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate under a cozy blanket over Christmas. As much as that sounds amazing in theory, in reality, nothing could be worse than being trapped under a warm blanket in 40-degree heat. Cool, icy drinks, along with air con, are a must.


I’m quite possibly the least sporty person on earth; however, sport is a massive part of Australian culture, and Christmas is no exception. Summertime calls for cricket and tennis, sports that are televised for what feels like non-stop over Christmas and summertime in general.

Things aren’t as relatable

I mentioned this in the intro, but a lot of things you see online and in the media regarding Christmas just does not apply to us in Australia. Most Christmas songs and movies do not make any sense to us, mostly due to the fact they refer to snow and chilly weather. Winter Wonderland? More like Heatwave Hell.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

– Karen xx

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