Simple Gift Wrapping Hacks | Day 8

Last week, I did a gift guide and shared some gift shopping tips, and once we’ve now got our gifts sorted, it’s time to wrap them!

I personally LOVE wrapping gifts. I’m not the most creative person in the world and I feel like wrapping gifts is one of the few creative things I truly enjoy doing. I know some people struggle with gift wrapping, soΒ with it being exactly one week until the big day, I’d thought I’d share some simple gift wrapping tips to help spruce up a gift and make the process less daunting a little bit more fun!


Ever stuck with an irregularly shaped object and are clueless as to how you’re going to wrap it neatly? I’ve been there. One of the easiest ways to overcome this is to simply put the object in a gift box, and wrap that. The rectangular shape of the box is much simpler to wrap. Plus, if your lazy (no judgment) or just really short of time, a box means wrapping is optional.

Double sided tape

Want to make your gift look really professional, sleek and smooth? There’s a simple way to do so – use double-sided tape! Rather than sticking regular tape on the outside of the paper, place some double-sided tape on the inside of the paper (in the same place you’d stick regular tape) prior to smoothing it down.

Smooth it out

Sometimes once a gift is wrapped the edges can look jagged and rough. I have a couple of ways to combat this.

  1. Before cutting the wrapping paper, use a ruler to lightly draw a straight line to cut along. I’ve found this helps a lot, especially if you’re left-handed, where everything to do with scissors and cutting is a nightmare. This ensures that when you fold over the paper to tape it down, the edges are nice and smooth.
  2. When doing the ‘envelope fold’, essentially folding the sides in and up, do one extra fold along the very end of the triangular fold before sticking it down. This something so small and so simple, but makes a world of difference to the final look of the wrapped gift.

Jazz it up

If you’re like me and not the most creative person, you can jazz the gift up with simple bows and ribbons. You can exert some flair by tying them creatively; however, one extra tip for the lazy person (aka, me) or if you’re just not skilled at typing ribbons or bows (also me) is to get your hands on some readily tied stick-on bows. They do the job and are little effort – perfect!

Double it up

Is your paper see through? Wrap the gift twice. The layering will cover the gift and conceal its contents better. I’m aware that doing this can waste a lot of paper, so I’d only resort to this if it is REALLY obvious what is hiding underneath.

How do you feel about gift wrapping? Love it? Hate it?

– Karen xx

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