Did I Achieve My 2018 Goals? | Day 9

As the year comes to a close, many of us are starting to reflect on the year that was, what happened and the things we achieved.

At the start of the year, I jotted down five things that I would have liked to have done, achieved or worked towards during the year – my 2018 goals.

Since it is now nearing the end of December, I thought it was time to look back and examine how successful I was at achieving the goals I set almost 12 months ago.

Goal #1 – Use my diary consistently

While I did jot most things down in my physical diary, I found myself logging what I intended to put into my diary into the calendar app on my phone. A half achievement?

Goal #2 – Keep a regular skincare routine

This is probably the goal that I had the least faith in myself that I could achieve, and I am so proud to say that I achieved it! Every single day this year, I have followed my full skincare routine. However, I haven’t really noticed a massive difference in my skin for doing so. I feel better in myself, but for the most of the year, my skin hasn’t appeared to be any clearer than it was before. Stress maybe? Maybe I need to switch up the products?

Goal #3 – Wear sunscreen regularly

I’ve been using an SPF 50 on my face every morning, but I haven’t been applying sunscreen to my entire body as frequently as I had hoped to. Of course, any time I knew I’d be spending the day out in the sun (e.g. beach days) I’d apply it, but I still have to work on everyday use.

Goal #4 – Believe in myself

This is a tricky one. Although I think I definitely was more confident in myself and my ability this year, there is still massive room for improvement. There were a few things that knocked me around and definitely made me question myself; however, I think I handled those situations a lot better than I have in the past.

Goal #5 – Blog at least once a week

For the first month of 2018, I had blogged twice a week, and once I started university, that tapered off to once a week. While the days I posted sometimes varied, I tried to stick to every Thursday/Friday, however, that wasn’t always possible, but I always made sure got a post out that Saturday or Sunday. My aim was 52 blog posts this year and today, the 19th of December, I’m at 60 posts. All in all, I’m considering this one a success!

Overall, I think I did a decent job at reaching my goals this year. While I didn’t achieve them all outright, I made positive improvement in the right direction for all of them and for that, I’m pretty chuffed.

Did you achieve your goals this year?

– Karen xx

12 thoughts on “Did I Achieve My 2018 Goals? | Day 9

  1. So important to reflect on our goals!! I have been motivated by you and other bloggers to be more intentional about it this coming year. Thanks for sharing with us! I love how practical your goals were!!


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