That’s A Wrap | Merry Christmas | Day 12

It’s day 12 and the twelve days of blogmas have officially come to an end.

Thank you to everyone that followed along with me for the 12 days of blogmas. It was a really fun experience to do something I’ve never done on my blog before. I loved the challenge of publishing a blog post every (week) day for two weeks (I’m generally a once a week kinda gal), it gave me something fun to focus my energy into. Maybe I might try the whole month next year?

Here’s a quick wrap up of the past two weeks:

Day 1: Ten Christmas Songs

Day 2: Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover

Day 3: Christmas Shopping Tips

Day 4: The Festive Fashion Edit

Day 5: How Christmas Is Different In Australia

Day 6: The Books I Read In 2018

Day 7: Making Your Beauty Routine More Festive

Day 8: Simple Gift Wrapping Tips

Day 9: Did I Achieve My 2018 Goals?

Day 10: 10 Festive Quotes

Day 11: 2018 Favourites

Day 12: That’s A Wrap!

With it being Christmas Eve, I’d like to use the final post to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

And if the silly season feels more solemn for you, please know that it’s okay to feel down, regardless what time of year it is. Your feelings are valid. Look after yourself.

I’ll most likely not have a new blog post up until the new year, so if I don’t see you until then, here’s to 2019!

– Karen xx

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