Baby Names

Over a month ago now, I saw that Gabriella (velvetgh0st) had created her own edition of the many baby name tags floating around the internet.

This got me so excited as I find names so interesting and baby name videos/blogs are some of my favourites to watch/read. I’ve done a baby name post previously, but I thought these new questions were really unique and interesting, so, a month later, I’ve finally gotten around to doing a part two to my initial baby name blog post.

So, without any further ado, if you’re like me and enjoy all things baby names – keep reading!

1. What is your favourite name from the Friends cast?

If I’m being honest, I’m not a massive fan of any of the Friends names, but if I had to pick one, I’d choose Phoebe. In fact, I’d probably consider naming a dog Phoebe if I think about it.

2. If you had triplets and had to use 3 winter-themed names, what would they be? (any gender)

I found it a little tricky to think of three winter themed names off the top of my head, so I did a little research and settled on Holly (link to Christmas/wintertime), Ivy (a vine that flourishes during winter) and Jack (think Jack Frost)

3. If you had triplets and had to use 3 summer themed names, what would they be? (any gender)

Again, with some searching, I came to pick Leo (the star sign during summer months in the northern hemisphere), Daisy (a summer flower) and Lily (another summer flower).

4. What is your favourite typically English baby name?

I love classic, traditional names. Particularly for boys. Think Arthur, Edward and the likes. Those names, to me, seem quite English. I also really like ‘English’ names like Alfie and Archie.

5. What are non-negotiable to your partner? Aka names are you set on, no matter what they think?

There are so many names that I love, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a name that both my partner and I would agree on; however, I am determined that one day I will have a daughter called Rosie and my partner will just have to deal with that whether they like it or not. There are also some family names that I’d like to include as middle names for my children, but I’d prefer to keep them private.

6. If you had to use a name from your favourite movie, which would it be?

I decided to include three of my favourite movies:

Love, Rosie – Rosie

Me Before You – William

The Holiday – Miles

7. If you had to use a name from your phone contacts, which would it be?

I’d use Sophia, but change the spelling to Sofia.

8. What double-barrelled name would you consider for a boy and a girl?

For a girl, I think the name Frankie-Belle is ADORABLE. As for boys, it took a little more thought, but I came up with Freddie-James.

9. What Disney names would you choose for a boy and a girl?

I think Belle (Beauty and the Beast) is such a pretty name for a little girl. Sweet, classic and simple. For boys, I’ve picked one of my guilty pleasure names – Milo (Atlantis: The Lost Empire).

10. What would you name brunette, blonde and red-haired children?

Brunette – Francesca

Blonde – Molly

Red – Isla

11. Favourite city/country themed name for a boy and a girl?

As I’m Australian, I thought I’d pick an Aussie city – Adelaide (the capital of South Australia). I also think the name Florence is gorgeous. I found it a little more challenging for boys, but in the end, I’ve chosen Orlando.

12. If you were to pick a Harry Potter themed baby name, what would it be?

This one is really obvious, but Harry. It’s just such a great classic, timeless name.

13. If you had to use one of your friend’s names, what would it be?

My answer for this one is the same as question 7, it’d be Sofia

14. What is your favourite space-themed name?

This is probably an obvious answer – Luna.

15. Choose a boy and a girl name based on Greek mythology

For boys, I love Apollo (god of music). I’ve also chosen two girls names – Penelope (the wife of Odysseus) and Athena (the goddess of wisdom).

– Karen xx

8 thoughts on “Baby Names

  1. Oh! Cute picks! I’ll be doing this tag sometime in June or July. I have 6 months locked up for baby names. I have one going up in mid-March about Meghan and Harry’s baby. The last one is about Halloween inspired names! Starting April to October I’ll be posting baby names for both sexes in alphabetical order on my blog’s Facebook page! I don’t know what I was thinking in the beginning, but I’ve had a lot of fun so far! πŸ™‚


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