How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

I used to hate curling my hair.

It was time-consuming and I could never get my hair to look just how I wanted it to. And even if my curls looked great, my biggest issue still remained – they never lasted.

No exaggeration, my curls would drop and effectively disappear in 30 minutes and I would find myself wondering what the point of going to all that effort was for. I thought my hair just wasn’t meant to hold curls.

This was about 6 years ago now, and through trial and error I’ve come to not only enjoy (okay…well I don’t HATE it anymore) curling my hair, but my curls now last up to 3-4 days.


Without hairspray.

Yes, I repeat – without hairspray.

If you told 14-year-old Karen that she’d be able to get half a week out of her hair she would’ve been in disbelief. Curls can’t last that long, can they?

Yes, yes they can.

I don’t tend to write about hair much on my blog, and the reason for that is it’s just not my thing. I’m not particularly skilled when it comes to styling hair and what I lack in skills is certainly not made up for in interest or effort.

I still like my hair to look nice, however, so I tend to rock loose, easy curls throughout the week.

I like to wash and curl my hair on Sunday and wear the curls, which then turn into soft, relaxed waves until my next hair wash, which more often than not will be around Wednesday/Thursday, thanks to the lifesaver that is dry shampoo.

Here are some of the simple things I do every time I curl my hair to ensure they last.

Hold them up immediately after releasing

Rather than the curl cooling as it drops, giving you a curl that will lose its shape much more quickly, place your hand face up close to your head and let your fresh curl drop into your hand. I like to leave it like this for a good 20-30 seconds; the longer you leave it the more lasting you’ll find the curl is. Doing this lets the curl cool and set while tightly coiled, thus, the curl will hold shape for much longer.

Fan them

Following on from the first tip, waiting for each individual curl to cool before moving on to the next piece of hair can make curling hair more time-consuming. Never fear, though, the cooling process can be sped up. If possible, I like to sit in front of a fan while holding the curl, the cool air from the fan speeding up the whole process. This is a lot easier during summer when I practically live in front of a fan.

No touching!

Don’t touch/brush your freshly curled hair until it is completely cool. What I like to do is curl my hair at night and then lightly brush them out the next morning. This allows the curls to set without being interfered with, prolonging the life span of the curl.

Make the curls slightly tighter than you want them

No matter what you do, curls are always going to drop to some degree,  so curling them tighter than you’d like them means that when they drop during the cooling process, they won’t lose all their curl. I also find it extends the number of days the curls last for.

– Karen xx

21 thoughts on “How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

  1. I have the same problem. I made them and then my hair is completely straight. For me usually works that I make them with curlers when they are still a bit wet and go to sleep with them. Plus before that I need to use some mousse or something, so that they will last longer.


  2. Haha I wish that I had this problem! My curls hold themselves up all by themselves 24/7 but that comes with it’s own problems. Still I LOVE curly hair and I’m actually tempted to use this to straighten and re curl my hair!

    Amber x


  3. I’ve always struggled to get curls to stay in my hair too, it’s so fine and they drop out a few hours later so I’ll definitely try these tips. The only way I can get curls to stay in now is by washing it and then french plaiting it when it’s still really wet, I then sleep in the plaits and take them out in the morning and apply mousse and they stay in for the day then if not two days!

    Jess //


  4. I have very curly hair naturally and I hate it. To me, straighteners were the best invention ever! My daughter has straight hair but she likes me to curl it. The curls last for most of the week. I suppose that we are never happy in life with what we are given. Thank you for the tips though, I will be using them on my daughter’s hair.


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